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You can find a lot of relevant resources about GCC internals on the Web. We recommend in particular:

Tutorials for GCC MELT

Audience: experimented GCC users, curious about GCC MELT, having already downloaded and installed it, and fluent with command-line and development utilities (e.g. gcc, make, bash, awk, some editor like emacs, vim, or gedit etc...), and already knowing how to invoke GCC. Check that your gcc command invokes directly the GCC compiler, without being aliased to utilities like ccache.

It is strongly suggested to read the tutorials below in order, after having installed GCC MELT on your computer.

Tutorial on invoking and using the MELT plugin

Read first our tutorial on how to use GCC MELT (after having installed it). This tutorial will explain on how to invoke the MELT plugin for GCC.
(It does not explain the MELT language, or how to develop your own GCC extensions in MELT).

Tutorial on the MELT language

After having installed and be able to invoke MELT on your machine (by reading the above tutorial), read the Tutorial on the MELT domain specific language (incomplete draft), which explain some basics about the MELT language (without any focus on handling GCC specific data).

See also some slides below.

Tutorial on using the MELT implementation

After some understanding of the MELT domain specific programming language, you can implement your own GCC customization with MELT using this incomplete tutorial about implementing your extensions in MELT.

Very incomplete. See some slides below.

Reference for GCC MELT

Reference documentation addresses the experimented GCC MELT user.

Reference documentation should be available locally on your system if the GCC MELT plugin has been properly installed. This documentation is written or generated in Texinfo form, then converted to HTML.

GCC MELT user reference documentation

The user reference documentation explains how to use the GCC MELT plugin, i.e. what are the available program argument options and environment variables. It is in the (hand-written) file meltplugin.html (GFDL license).

GCC MELT API reference documentation

The API reference documentation explains how to code in the the MELT domain specific language, i.e. what language constructs (macros, primitives, functions....) are available. It is machine-generated from :doc annotations inside *.melt files. It is available in the big (generated) file meltpluginapi.html (GPLv3 licensed, since derived from GPLv3 source code).

Publications on GCC MELT

Publications in reverse chronological order:

Slides on GCC MELT

Other documents related to GCC MELT

Other documents are available here: